Raw Cocoa Beans

Product Specification:
Bean Size: 82 per 100g
Slaty Beans: 1.5%
Mouldy Beans: 1,5%
Defective Beans: 15%
Foreign Matter: 0%
Wormy: 1,5%
Moisture: 68%
Flat Beans: 1,0%
Fat Content: 45,75%
Nol Fermented: 4,0%
size: 90 – 100 beans/100gram.
Raw Sun dried Cocoa Beans
A Moisture: 55% – 6.2% maximum
b) Foreign Matters: 1 29% maximum
c) Deans count: O1 Lo 99 beans ka
d) Broken beans / Detactvo: 0 74
0 8/ maximum
Packaging & Delivery:
1. The shipment Port of us could be any port of USA.
2.Packaging Details:Gunny/Jute bags 50 KG,100 KG each and also
Customers packaging choice.
3. Delivery time: Within 7days or according to the quantity ordered
4. Quantity available: More than 85MT per month
5. We will combine reasonable and low cost shipping company for
the items you ordered.
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Organic cocoa peans

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