Dry fish maw

Moisture: 48-50%
Net Weight: 30% glazing no compensated
Processing: Salted, Dried(AD), skinless, boneless,PBO
Quality: Dried Fish maw without chemical, 100% natural and of
High Quality Product.
19-30 pieces/kg(small),
14-18 pieces/kg(medium)
4-6 pieces/kg (large)
]- Datina maw
2- Eel maw
3- Cat fish maw
4- Corvina maw
5-Koral fish maw
size : 13~22cm
weight: 100-110 pieces/kg
size: 10~15cm
weight: 100-110 pieces/kg
*Siluro: 5 1o 15 units per kilogram
*Seabass/Corvina: GO Lo 35 unts per kiogram
*Silver/Dorado: 50 to 85 units per kilograms.
*Bagre: 90 to 130 units per kilograms.
– treating tetanus, episodes of hemorrhage or women suffering
from lumbar disc herniation
– Cure weak physiological
– Cure stomach
– Heal the wound
we assure that we can supply products in large quantity, high
quality with a very competitive price.
Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Details: 12-15 kgs/ carton (PE bag inner)
Delivery Time: Within 15 days
NB: CFR air shipping (Cost & Freight) or DDP international courier
(All included!)

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